Welcome to DMG’s Digital Advertising Headquarters
A Global Advertising Network for Online, Mobile & Social
Monthly Impressions: 40 Billion Online,
10 Billion Mobile, 15 Billion Social
Scope: 195 Countries, 25 Languages
Monthly Conversions: 7.2 Million
Full Digital Advertising Solution
Whether you want to intensify Brand engagement or accelerate ROI - we will ensure that you rapidly and sustainably achieve your goals... Read More
Our yield management experts will monetize local and international traffic from anywhere and every platform. We deliver 100% fill rate for your properties... Read More
We provide a total package for global mobile advertising - reaching users whatever their device, location, or traffic type. Utilizing unique technology… Read More
Cross - Platform Expertise
For advertisers, we seamlessly integrate all digital platforms - online, mobile, video, and social - to deliver full-spectrum ad campaigns. For publishers, we manage all your properties across multiple platforms from every corner of the globe...
Technology Empowers Campaigns
Our proprietary solutions are implemented at our global headquarters - where all campaign processes are meticulously controlled, and where all data and unified reports are centrally managed and globally accessible. Our technologies deliver smart management and unique optimization - based on precise analysis of vast amounts of data - enabling real-time decision-making and empowering cross-platform campaigns. Be smart from the start!